Spotlight 8

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Welcome one and all to the latest edition of Spotlight, the bi weekly blog post that brings you a hand full of audio drama shows to check out. Those that follow religiously will know that I’m a little late in posting, that’s because I dropped my life support machine, (aka mobile phone), and had to see about getting it fixed. Those that don’t follow religiously,(why not???), or are new here, disregard everything I just said. Everything’s fine… nothing’s wrong… Welcome to ‘Spotlite’, enjoy the post and the following shows!




Matt Salem, a government employee begins his new security job at Quill. Even he wasn’t aware of what he would be looking after until he passed a set of security tests. Turns out his job is to look after the world’s biggest secret, a crashed UFO. From the pen of Mac Rogers, (The Message & Life After), so you know it’s going to be good!

Steal the stars



Van Wurst is a vampire hunter, and he has captured Viscount Earl, the very last vampire. He doesn’t want to stake him through the heart, as that would put him out of work, so he takes him home where he tries in vain to keep an eye on him. A brand new tongue in cheek horredy with two episodes and a pilot.  Be sure to check it out!

Van wurst



Sometimes “Happily ever after” is no guarantee, and these short fairy tales will definitely not bring you such. These stories are NOT intended for children, just incase the title makes you think they may be. They may be short, (5~10 mins), but with nineteen episodes there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Fairy tales for unwanted children

You will be happy to hear that I now have, (at the 11th hour), a brand new life support machine, which, as long as I don’t throw it out of a window or something equally stupid, means we should be back on track. Praise be the new gods of electrickery. And of course Thoth.