Spotlight 7

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Welcome once again poddicts to another Spotlight, that darkened alleyway that you duck down to find another fix of audio drama high. So what delights can I get you today? Uppers? Downers? All-A-Rounders? Why not try some of this…


Three of my favorite things when it comes to stories are thrillers, cults, and conspiracies, so with all three combined here in Tribulation, means I am always going to devour this story. Add the fact that it’s very well written, acted and produced, means we have a fix of the finest quality.



It’s been fourteen years since anyone saw the Behemoth known as Max. Now an adult, Izzy travels to the Solomon Islands in hopes to be reunited with her larger than life friend. A continuation of Rick Coste’s brilliant ‘The Behemoth’, all ten episodes were released Tuesday. If you haven’t yet listened to the Behemoth I suggest you go there first!



Welcome to the quaint little town of Poplar Coven, WA. Once you get here you can’t leave, unless of course it’s feet first in a box. The town’s founder made a deal with the old gods which means that the town may only have a population of 10,000 … OR ELSE!!!


Those of you looking for a fix of sci-fi need look no further than this brand new show that will blast your mind into outer space! This product is so new I can only offer a taster. But if you like it then come back tomorrow and I can get you a proper hit!

Oh sh*t it’s the damn five-O! just act natural, and casually carry on down the alley and hook a left at the bottom. If anyone asks, you don’t know me right!