Spotlight 6

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Hello again Poddicts, I hope this post sees you well. Are you ready to fill your ears with tantalizing tales of tumultuous terror? Or maybe you’d like to zoom off the the outer regions of space? Well, as always, I have a few shows you just might fall in love with. I hope you enjoy!

Alexandria Archives

There’s nothing better than a bit of Morning Wood, (stop sniggering in the back please). I am of course referring to the presenter on Alexandria University Radio, who not only updates us on the haunting happenings on campus, but brings us an anthology of spooky stories from the archives.

au radio

Worlds of Whimsy

There are no four words in the English language more delicious than ‘Once Upon A Time’, and If you don’t go and check out this show then you wont learn how to fart rainbows. A brand new show from Lauren Nelson of The Box. A show created for young adults, but great entertainment for adults as well.

worlds of whimsy


An organism created in the lab escapes. What is this creation and what what will happen outside the sterile conditions it’s used to?


The Future Boys

Adult British comedy in which two friends?!? zoom across the universe escaping the authorities and steal certain artifacts. Strong language and references to Pat Sharps Fun House. You have been warned.

the Future Boys

Public Domain Universe

As the name suggests, Public Domain Universe is a collection of classic tales that are no longer covered by copyright. Here they are given a new up-to-date rewrite. Featuring Tom Sawyer, Cinderella, and Candide, ou l’Optimisme. Binging now will bring you up to speed for their thrilling conclusions.

public domain universe

Unfortunately that brings us to a close on this edition of Spotlight. If you’re new here, then there are a few posts in the back catalog which features some great new shows that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Until next time peeps, ciao