Spotlight #3

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Spotlight 3

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Welcome one and all to the one, the only FateCrafters Spotlight! I have scoured the dark underbelly of the web where the likes of iTunes fear to tread. I have shone a light into the darkest corners of the craziest minds, to bring you a smattering of shows for your enjoyment.

These unearthly delights will thrill you, they will chill you, and they may even rip off your arm and beat you to death with it… (well, probably not that, but you get the picture.)

Before I begin, I must welcome the newest show to join FateCrafters Studios Network. This show will, without a shadow of a doubt, crawl into your ear, slither deep into your brain and grow, and grow, until it burrows into your medulla oblongata and takes control of you.

So please put your hands together, and then apart, and then repeat several more times for the one, the only Sable from Lane Lloyd.

Attention Hellmart Shoppers!

Brand spanking new. So new in fact, it’s first episode is still wrapped in plastic as it is, as yet unreleased. But if this show, released June 26th, is as good as the trailer suggests, then we’re in for a roller coaster ride through the gates of hell!


Lucy Dillon has problems sleeping. We’re not talking trouble getting to sleep, there’s no problem there. It’s the dreams that are the problem. When Lucy wakes up, so do they.

Voices in the Cold

Broadcasting from a Penhurst station on Antarctica, Ronald Difio looks through some of the old journals from past expeditions to this harsh environment. This history lesson soon becomes a mystery, and people start disappearing.

The Haven Chronicles

Responding to a distress call, the crew descend upon the planet Haven, where things are not what they would seem to be.

The Earth Collective

With the Earth becoming inhospitable to human life, humanity packed its collective bags into spaceships and headed out into space looking for another habitable planet. Several generations later they discover a planet, while life sustainable, it is fraught with danger. Is Joseph Crane documenting the last moments of the human race?

Well, as the stuttering cartoon pig likes to say, “That’s all folks!”

If you’re new to this series of posts, then below you should find links to the previous posts, and a whole lot more audio drama shows for your entertainment.

Until next time poddicts, stay safe, avoid those flesh eating zombies, steer clear of the wolves on the moors, and whatever you do, don’t look under your bed!