Spotlight 11

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spotlight 11

Welcome one and all to the latest Spotlight post, I hope you’ve all been enjoying plenty of drama. If not then I am going to change that, and if you have… well you’ll just have to quit that 9 to 5, sleep less, or maybe give up going to the gym; (your fees would help these poor starving artists in their endeavor to feed themselves). Nuff said I think!



Set in the not-so-distant-future, Jacki O’Rania, is on her way to colonise Mars with an extensive crew. They are abruptly awoken from stasis to find things are not what they seem. How long have they been in stasis? It would seem much longer than it would take to traverse the small hop to the red planet.



If you are a fan of dark and mysterious stories, then Radio Silence will be right up your street. An anthology of unsettling standalone plays to chill your spine, and upset your sleep patterns; (not that you should be getting any! sleep that is!).

radio silence


A collection of recorded messages from an emergency repair team sent to Outpost Fristed in the vast white wastes of Svalbard. What lies waiting in the frozen north, other than polar bears?

white vault


A daily fictional podcast from Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. After much tinkering, the college radio station finally gets up and transmitting to the world about the recent outbreak of… zombies. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. A word of warning though. Each episode is released daily and will only be available for 24 hours unless you Patreon. The first nine episodes will always be available to give listeners a taste before they choose to devour, but you can catch every episode for free if you catch it on the day of release. Currently (8th October 2017) we are two episodes in, so catch it now!



Well, that’s enough of me, I wouldn’t want to rob you of too much sleep… HEY! WAKE UP!!!


Great opportunity for all poddicts. FateCrafters are currently looking to add to our blogging staff! If you are passionate for audio drama and writing, and would like a platform to tens of thousands of other audio drama fans, this might be for you. If you’re interested in becoming a featured writer for FateCrafters drop me a message at and we can chat!