Spotlight 10

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Spotlight 10

Welcome to another edition of Spotlight. Our drive to showcase new, or little known Indy audio drama podcasts to fill your ears with. To celebrate hitting double figures I thought I’d treat you to a new logo. I hope you like.


Before I get into the shows, I thought you might like to know we are now the proud owners of a YouTube channel. If you’re fan of the popular media site, then pop on over and subscribe to get every episode, of every show on the network, in one easy and convenient place. Not all of the back catalog is up there at the moment, but I am assured the audio drama elves and fairies are working hard to get that sorted.


Okay, enough of me, on with the shows!


Huzzah! Released tomorrow by the newest member of FateCrafters, Sarah Werner is proud to present Girl In Space. Abandoned on a dying ship in the farthest reaches of known space, a young scientist fights for survival. You may recall this show from last week’s Behind The Mic interview, which I hope you get a chance to read!

girl in space


This much anticipated show has finally started, and boy it doesn’t disappoint. Creates many questions, and has a heart stopping final scene, and that’s just episode one. I for one can’t wait for the next episode, and I’m sure you will feel the same when you hear it!

what the frequency


As always I am delighted when a super cool new Rick Coste drama lands on my iPhone. The story of a librarian, who is looking for the quiet life, a life that isn’t in the spotlight. A life where she isn’t a superhero. If you’re a fan of Rick’s work then this will not disappoint. Enjoy!



If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, or like me, you read it when it first came out back in the 90’s, then watched the first season and became disappointed in the whole thing, then this is for you! Chair of Swords is a lampooning of the aforementioned story that most of you should be aware of by now, and this is well worth a listen.

Chair of Swords


Well folks, I have to leave it there for now. I hope you enjoy the shows above, if you have, please share with your friends, if not, then please send to your enemies.

Until next time poddicts,