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Hey there my fellow poddicts, welcome to the first-ever ‘Sp0tl1ght’ blog post. Here we will be exploring what’s going on in the world of audio drama. I hope to bring you shows that you probably won’t find on iTunes’ ‘New and Noteworthy’ or on ‘The Stitcher List’ and the likes. These are the amazing shows that fly under the radar of the large broadcasting companies, mainly because they are the labor of love for many independent artists who come together in their spare time to work on them.

Before I start with the shows, just a quick disclaimer. Some, if not most of the shows featured here, will be unsuitable for little ears, they may contain references to all manner of adult themes such as violence, sex, drugs, or alcohol, you know all the good stuff we love to hide away from our young ones. You have been warned!

Video Game World News Tonight

Firstly we have FateCrafters Studios very own Video Game World News Tonight. A wonderful comedy news show where all our favorite video game stars are real and live here in this world, causing mayhem and destruction. Brought to you by the crew behind the Wynabego Warrior, the entire first season, (7 episodes), was released last week. If you love video games, you’ll love this! This is one of those shows that isn’t suitable for little ears, so you know it’s great! You have been warned.


A new member of FateCrafters Studios, Darker Projects has contracted the Madness. Jarred Carvey and a few high school buddies go on their annual camping trip. However, this time something happens … something crazy. Forget the fishing in the lake, campfire marshmallows and ghost stories, and shooting the breeze over a couple of brews. This camping trip goes nuts from the get go! What has happened? What has caused these regular Joe’s to turn crazy? Tune in to find out! Not suitable for little ears, or those with a weak constitution.

Blood Culture

Next up we have Blood Culture. What is it like being an intern for a mega corp? What’s it like being an intern for the world’s biggest tech giant, only to discover that interns are “dying”? Will A’isha, and her friend Livi discover the truth behind Meta? This wonderfully crafted British show released it’s first episode last week. Just over an hour long, it has been split into two parts, and features a little intro, and a behind the scenes discussion with its creators. Great stuff!

Father Dagon

Based upon the works of HP Lovecraft means that we should be in for a shockingly good story. All is not as it would seem here. Within days of meeting a young man, Ruth is planning to marry him and leave home for a new life. A new life, with a new husband as a member of the esoteric order of Dagon. And if you know Dagon like I know Dagon, then there’s definitely something fishy going on here. The first audio drama podcast from British theatre company Dread Falls Theatre, and It’s a doozie!

Adventures of MechaBetty

O-M-G! The Adventures of MechaBetty. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. It will make you cry laughing, and probably make you laugh crying as well. After a terrible attack from alien invaders, Betty is wounded and the only way to save her is to meld her with a robotic life support machine. Add guns and an assortment of other amazing doohickeys, MechaBetty is ready to save the world. Add an old-timey radio presentation style complete with musical interlude and you have a great show.


Oakpodcast is about a dispossessed spy sending distress calls to her former team via podcasting, as all other methods of communication have been compromised. Cleverly done, this show incorporates Patreon and other social media sites as a way of getting funds to survive and transmit ‘sensitive’ information. Currently three episodes in, this show is a must listen, and I for one can’t wait for more! Go check it out.


Thanks for dropping by and checking out this post. I hope you enjoy these shows as much as I do. These wonderful stars are rarely seen, beyond the light pollution of corporate shows. Help them to shine brightly in the night sky, by sharing them on your social media outlets, and most importantly, giving them a review and star rating on the likes of iTunes, Stitcher, and IHeartRadio.

In Other News…

Casting call for voice actors. What’s the Frequency? There are multiple voice acting opportunities for this large cast audio drama. Click on the link to take a look at the opportunities, and to get in touch with the production team.


If you have an independent audio drama show that needs a little love and attention, then give me a shout out, and I will get you on the virtual page and out to my readership.