Sp0tl1ght 2

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Sp0tl1ght 2

Hello again poddicts, welcome to FateCrafters’ Sp0tl1ght blog post. Here you will explore the hidden catacombs of the audio drama world like Indiana Jones, looking for hidden gems for your listening pleasure. Those sparkling shows that you will not find on the ‘New and Noteworthy’ portion of your podcatchers.

Just a quick reminder of our disclaimer. Some, if not most of the shows featured here, will be unsuitable for little ears, they may contain references to all manner of adult themes such as vex and siolence, drugs, or alcohol, you know all the good stuff. You have been warned!

Hush now, Jack

Welcome to the stark reality of a post apocalyptic wasteland as we follow Jack on his travels… A young woman trapped in an underground bunker… Strange numbers broadcast on the radio, and what is that mysterious beast?


Can you help Mr. Doe? He’s lost his memory and has escaped a health care facility. The ‘suits’ are closing in on him, what do they want?

He needs your help. He wants to see you, but he knows this will lead the suits right to you, something he doesn’t want to do.

Starship Iris

A devastating explosion turns the starship Iris into the final resting place for its sole survivor, Violet Liu. With enough life support for only a few days on this tin can, death looks imminent. But wait … what’s this? A rescue vessel! Thank the stars … what are the chances of that?

The Adventures Of Elizabeth Crowne

Elizabeth Crowne is a student of medicine, a first in the male dominated world of the early 20th century.

Far ahead of her peers, this young woman finds the study tedious, and with an invitation to solve the gruesome murders of three nuns, she finds herself drawn into the world of uncannology.

In Other News

You may recall in our last Sp0tl1ght we put in a casting call for ‘What the Frequency?’ Well casting is over now, and on Friday (12th May) the cast and crew was revealed. This awesome cast includes FateCrafters very own Pacific S. Obadiah of Lake Clarity fame. You can see the full cast by following this link to the What’s The Frequency? website.

So here we are, the big stone door is closing on our exit, if we’re quick we can slide under it into the sunlight and escape death. Don’t forget to reach back in and grab your hat before it closes for good.

Don’t forget, if you like an Indy show, then please go and give them a review, and star rating on your podcatcher.

Until next time, peace be upon you all.