paul sating

  • Growing up in the farmlands of central New York, Paul Sating learned early on how boring life could be if he didn’t find ways to entertain himself.

    He started out making friends with field mice but soon grew tired of their insistence to only chat about the latest cheese strains they favored and, with no other interesting animals to pass the time with, he began telling stories to anyone who would listen. (Yes, his family is still traumatized to this day).

    Always the optimist, Paul discovered he likes his fiction like he enjoys his beer … dark … and now spends his time in the basement of his home pulling the hair out of doll’s heads and talking to the voices in the walls.

  • The creative force behind Subject: Found, Diary of a Madman, Atheist Apocalypse and Family Portrait he enjoys taking breaks from writing audio drama by exploring the dark forests of the Pacific Northwest, he’s totally nailed the Bigfoot mating call, and working on a novel. When he’s not busy writing he’s building audio drama networks, like FateCrafters Studios, in effort to realize his dream of taking over the world through epic storytelling.