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Chet: We’re sorry to interrupt your regular broadcasting program, but we have an important news flash to bring you!

Diane: Yes, that’s right Chet. We’ve just received informa…

Chet: Yes… Oookaaay Diane… I can take it from here!

Diane: What!!!

Chet: I’m the star here, so please, just sit back and let the “main man” handle the grown up stuff of delivering the news.

Diane: [Scoffs] Grown up!?

Chet: Oh come now Diane, it’s no good giving me the stink eye, we both know why the studio hired you, now if I may…?

Diane: You most certainly may not! Not after a statement like that. Would you like to clarify, live on air, exactly what you mean by that!?

Chet: Oh please Diane. It’s quite obvious there are only two reasons why you were hired for this job.

Diane: Excuse me! And what would those “two” reasons be exactly?

Chet: I think that’s glaringly obvious Diane, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to mention them… live… on air!?

Diane: Oh please, do tell. I would love to hear all about the hiring policies of the station!

Chet: Um… I am of course referring to your, er, your, um, attention to detail, yes that’s it!

Diane: …and!?

Chet: oh… and… and… aaand, oh I don’t know? Your stellar coffee!?

Diane: Wow! I can see why they hired you! So steely under fire… and so quick with that tongue of yours as well. I bet the boss loves that!

Chet: …!?

Diane: Looks like your tongues a bit tied up right now Chet. Maybe I should just continue with the reason why we’re here, what do you think?

Chet:[lip begins to quiver]

Diane: As I was saying… We’ve just received information about ‘Video Game World News Tonight’. A brand new show from the crew that brought you the hilarious ‘Wynabego Warrior’, and the recently released, critically acclaimed ‘Shadow of Lavenhan’, begins tomorrow!

Yes that’s right tomorrow! So set up your subscription with your preferred podcast catcher below to ‘on it like a little blue hedgehog with a penchant for gold rings’ and strap yourself in for the ride of your life. Because every day for the next week, a new episode will drop on your doorstep to fondle your funny bones, and tickle your…well… let’s not go there shall we?!

Thanks for staying with us during this critical broadcast. You will now be returned to your regular viewing.





Why not take a look at ‘Behind the Mic’, an interview I did with Austin Beach Back in March.  Since then I have edited the post and purposely misspelled John Waynnabe’s name.  Just because I can. Click the picture link below.