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Welcome one and all to the newsreel here at FateCrafters. I hope you all had a wonderful International Podcast Day yesterday, and listened to some awesome shows.

It’s now October and that means, your friendly neighborhood pod casters are all back from their summer vacation in Monaco and are ready to bring you new seasons of your favorite shows.

Its been a fine summer on Pacific’s luxury yacht moored in Port Hercules. We’ve been rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of the world, making far too much money on the black jack tables at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, and then blowing it all on the roulette tables, but all things must come to an end sadly. So its back to the grindstone to hammer out some entertainment for you all.

So what can you expect from the crafters of fate?

girl in space


Our latest show, the amazing Girl In Space, launched 2 weeks ago, and has been rocking the iTunes top 10, the New and Noteworthy, and even had an iTunes write-up.  Episode 2 releases tomorrow, If you haven’t already, you should go listen to episode 1.

Lake Clarity

Likewise, Lake Clarity has just released episode one of season two which you can find here. If you haven’t discovered this show yet, then I recommend checking out the season 1 Supercut, where you can binge the first season without all the fuss and filler.

Atheist Apocalypse

Last weekends apocalypse was a bust, (shocker). The real apocalypse 4.0 is about to drop and the boys in the back room are hailing this as the season for all seasons! Check out the trailer below for some fun!


Subject: Found
Subject found is gearing up for its new season. Last season we were on the hunt for Bigfoot with Jared, this season is focused in a different lore… what is that? You’ll just have to listen!

Diary of a Madman


Season 2 of  Diary of a Madman is close to dropping, (November). Season 1 changed the way the world saw podcasts. Season 2 changes the way you see the world. Are you ready for a new madman? A new story? A new author? (Yours truly).

So what else can you expect in the near future from me? Well…


Wearing many hats often comes with many problems, walking through doorways for example, can be very tricky if you aren’t that good at limbo.

Most of you are aware that I write blog posts about creating audio dramas with the 101 posts, and of course, Spotlight, where I bring you the latest shows to hit the podcast world; and now you know I have written a drama for your listening pleasure. I hope you like it. Also, you heard it here first, I am starting to write a new show, in which I plan to try my hand at producing.

The point to all of this preamble, is that even with the best of intentions I am so far behind on some of my favorite shows of the past, that it has become embarrassing, and some shows I haven’t even started. I am currently checking out a new show almost every day for Spotlight, and after a quick count up, I have discovered that I am now at least 100 hours behind on the shows I have started.

Take Night Vale for example, currently on episode 114. I haven’t listened since episode 90 (June 15th 2016). Then there’s King Falls. The last episode release was number 58, and I haven’t listened since the Sammiversary, episode 25 (June 1st 2016).

Now hold up their partner, before you start lighting up those torches, and sharpening those pitchforks to go on a mad frenzy towards me Casa, in my defense…


Luckily my son has now started full-time education, which has given me a couple of extra hours in the week. So what am I to do with these idle hands? A quick coin toss decided that going back and reviewing these shows won over playing Call Of Duty and Gran Turismo on the Playstation… ah well :’(

I’m hoping that I can get at least one post a month, giving you my thoughts, now vs then, with hindsight in full stereoscopic flow. Are these shows as good as they were “back in the day” or has time worn down that shiny facade?

How’s your listening time progressing? Are you slipping too? What shows would you like me to take a look at? Please drop me a message via email, or on the social medias and let me know your thoughts.


Thanks for reading,