FateCrafters: New Beginnings

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  Welcome one and all to the FateCrafters Studios Network website! It’s the beginning of spring 2017, and after the slow dark winter, we now have new growth popping its head out from the ground … Read More

The Plant (Free Preview of the upcoming Atheist Apocalypse Book)

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Atheist Apocalypse

You are about to take a journey back in time, back to before the apocalypse, back to the Tri-Counties as it was before all the zanny, wackiness began under the MGE rule. In this special episode you’re going to meet a mysterious long-time resident and you’ll learn that the evil and strangeness of the area isn’t restricted to just the time after the Rapture.

This is a free preview. If you want the full version of the story you can purchase it by going to http://www.foundstories.com/store.

For those who are interested, this story you’re about to hear has more to it. There will be a book coming out (hopefully) in 2017 which will continue this adventure, so be sure you’re following any news releases from Paul Sating by following him on Twitter (@paulsating), Instagram (paulsating), and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/thepaulsating). You can also sign up for his newsletter by visiting http://www.foundstories.com and scrolling down to the signup form.

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