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rose drive

Raul Vega of Rose Drive

The long awaited Rose Drive, a mystery thriller from the creative mind of Raul Vega is now available for your listening pleasure. Before we get to the meat and potatoes of the show, lets get to know the man behind it all.

Welcome Raul to Behind the Mic. Let’s start by finding out who or what would you say are the main influences in your work?

Sin City, Brick, Wayward Pines, Westworld, Pleasantville, Gone Girl… anymore info and I’ll have to… well, you know the rest!

Besides my day job of working in the movie industry, I also score short indie films, and manage a hip hop duo and movie production company. I’m currently working on a way to bring all these projects into one. So if I weren’t producing these shows I’d probably be focusing on the other aspects of my audio career.

You work in movies, wow! Care to elaborate on what your role in the industry is?

Sure! I’m a digital instrument software developer for film composer Hans Zimmer.  I record live instruments and sounds and convert them into software that he can then play through his sequencer on his computer.

So what made you decide to use podcasting as a format?

Creating a TV series is something I’ve always wanted to do. However, due to scheduling, timing, production and cost it’s very difficult to realize this vision currently. Being an audiophile, I was thinking what the next best medium would be to make my stories come to life. With the podcasting world growing everyday and more and more listeners participating, this seemed like the perfect medium. We live in an On-Demand circuit with entertainment now. Audio Dramas can comfortably live in that realm. It was the best choice to go with. The potential is entirely limitless.

If you are new to the existence of Rose Drive then you may want to take a look at this video:


Without giving too much away what’s the overall story?

Markus Hill revisits his sleepy hometown of Southampton after ten years of being away. Shortly after his return, he learns someone else has come back. Someone he thought was gone. Someone he’s been looking for. Rumor has it this person was at the 10 year high school reunion a few weeks prior. In an effort to track him down, Markus interviews seven people seen talking to him. Nothing will stop Markus from finding the vanished man. Or… as the town calls him… The Lost Child. Will his former classmates help with finding him or do they have a reason to prevent him?

Sounds very  intriguing. What will the episode/season format be?

We’re shooting for 20-30 minutes per episode. Any less would be unfulfilling and anymore might be too much for one sitting. There will be strategically placed breaks in each episode for listeners to pick up at a later time if they can’t listen in one sit through.

Who are the main characters/actors, (have they been in anything else we may have heard)?

Save a few marvelous folks in the AD community who have helped with cameos, all my actors are new to audio drama, and most new to voice acting! They are all working TV and film actors in Los Angeles. Some of our leads include:


Max Lloyd-Jones, (War For The Planet Of The Apes, Scream: The TV Series, Once Upon A Time)

Aaron Cavette, (True Blood, Adverse Effects, The Girl In The Locker Room)

Vanessa Hernandez, (This Is Us, Casual, Emerald Run

Johnny Baca, (Yoga Pants Gone Wrong, Growing Up Fisher, Star Trek)

Nikki Lorenzo, (Night Life, Nicotine, Funny Man)

Ryan Hellquist, (L.A. Macabre, Fallout: Nuka Break, Slamma Jamma)

Paige Herschell, (Yoga Pants Gone Wrong, 3AM In Hollywood, I’m Dying Up Here)

Robert H. Walker, (My Politics, My Country, Cut Me If You Can, Everybody Hates Hipsters)

Laura Elizabeth Hall, (Codes and Conspiracies, Breaking Curfew, Cursed)

What shows would you compare this work to?

For Movies and TV I would loosely slump it in with the likes of Sin City, Skins, The Affair and Brick. I haven’t quite found an AD that is like this, though off the top of my head I would say Return Home and Small Town Horror.


Is it just you wearing all the hats, or is there anyone else making up the production/writing team?

I’m the head writer/producer/editor/composer/engineer/director… basically the showrunner. My writing partners are J. Robert Patrick and Nicholas Knutson, their first time writing professionally. Visuals for the Facebook and YouTube videos are all created by John Castle, with Evan Garfield supplying drone footage.

Will we be checking out any cool tunes, and who’s are they?

Oh HELL yes! I’m a musician first, and when you’re not hearing my musical score in this series, you’ll hear plenty of L.A. local bands, singers and rappers. All their links will be provided in the show notes and descriptions per episode. Artists so far include:


Dispencery7, thanks., Steven Pagano, Fat Brando, Ann Louise Thaiss and more!

Were there any major hurdles, memorable stories or random crazy during the creation of the show?

Yes… I didn’t realize how much of a perfectionist I truly was until I started doing everything on this show! Being a composer, I’m most comfortable with writing music and some mixing. But as an AD producer/creator/showrunner with no budget… You’ve got to wear all the hats. So far nothing too tragic has happened during the process. Biggest hurdle so far was getting all my actors together for a read through. Time is precious, especially if you’re an actor trying to make it in L.A.

phantom apes

What are your top 3 all time favorite podcasts?

Hollywood Babble-On, This American Life and The Feed… I know, none are AD. Don’t hold that against me community!!

Any future projects in the pipeline, or teasers you wish to share with your fans?

I’m in the works on another production called Family Portrait. It’s being written by audio drama veteran Paul Sating and produced by yours truly. While Rose Drive is a mystery story, Family Portrait is a psychological horror AD centered around a family who has their own ways of… living. We plan on telling this story a little differently, so be on the lookout for that show in the near future, (NOTE: Family Portrait will NOT be for everyone. Our drafts alone are pretty twisted. Here’s your warning!)

Anything you would like to promote?

Rose Drive is an audio drama by my production company Phantom Ape. We do hip hop/ music videos, movies and spoken word pieces. I’m also trying to get a more traditional talk show podcast off the ground. It will be centered on interviewing those who have moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, focusing on people who work on large scale projects and have weird tailored jobs that no one knows about. It’ll be a great platform to further inform new arrivals of experiences in La La Land as well as be a means for self promotion.

Facebook: @FollowTheApes

Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat: @PhantomApe

The talk show sounds like an amazing, and very worthwhile project. I wish you all the best with that, your music, and of course Rose Drive and Family Portrait.

Once again, thank you so much for taking time out to have a chat with us here at FateCraftersō


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