Audio Drama 101 PT 5

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Audio Drama 101

Audio Drama 101 Part 5

Last time in part 4  of Audio Drama 101, fellow FateCrafter Steve Blizin looked at ‘creative inspiration’. What inspires us, and how to tap into our creativity in order to come up with great ideas.

In the next three episodes Paul Sating talks about expanding our newly formed creative ideas into fully workable outlines. I hope you enjoy this first post, as much as Paul enjoys his Craft Beer.

subject found

“You ARE a Genius”

Part I of a III-Part Series – “Expanded Ideas and ‘Waste’-lines”

By: Paul Sating

So, I’m sitting here, itching to finally get the chance to contribute to the incredible FateCrafters Studios Audio Drama 101 series, realizing I haven’t moved from my desk in over thirteen hours, except to do things you don’t want me to detail in this article. For your sake and mine, let’s just move on, shall we? And what comes from sitting at a desk all day but a bloated midriff? A fat belly. An unsightly characteristic of probably most of your favorite writers, Jon Grilz notwithstanding. I mean, have you seen that dude? He’s virtually a Greek god!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, being stagnant and bloated. That’s right. Sort of like all those wonderful audio drama ideas in your head right this very minute? Right?


Go ahead and admit it … wait, wait, just to yourself please. I don’t want you telling me some of them, giving me yet another idea that is going to distract me from the forty two other things I need to be working on. So, you’ve got ideas, lots of them maybe; but you’ve had those ideas and haven’t move forward with many (any?) of them? Maybe you’re the type of fan of audio drama that sits back, listens to an episode of the ‘XYZ Show’ and says to yourself, “Self, I know I could do better than that! That show was bad as an IPA on a cold, wintry Washington state day.” Excuse me while I duck all the slung arrows from beer snobs in my corner of the world.

Diary of a Madman

Okay, picking back up. Or maybe you’re the type of fan who wonders, as you’re listening to the latest episode of the coolest podcast since you tripped across Welcome to Night Vale, and you think, “Oh my god, Becky, look at her…” er, sorry, going for the wrong thing there; you think, “HOW?! HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THAT?!” Yes, we’re all aware you probably did shout that as you were on the treadmill at the gym, earbuds firmly scrunched into a couple orifices on your head. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Every single creator has heard someone else’s creation and had those very same thoughts. It’s called ‘P-Envy’ … what? No! Not that kind of envy; no, this envy is called ‘podcast envy’. Don’t deny it. You’re guilty of it. We’ve seen snapshots of that Facebook rant you were in the middle of writing before you saw the better sense of doing something so villainous and deleted it.

Here’s the thing; it’s okay to have those types of thoughts and it’s okay to get frustrated that you don’t have something quite as genius in your head. And I’m going to tell you why … just after I pour myself another double-chocolate stout.

First, you probably have a ton of incredible audio drama ideas but, also, you probably are (or definitely should be) your own worst critic. If you think your ideas are lame compared to the geniuses you subscribe to, keep in mind that the geniuses didn’t think their ideas compared either! It’s true! But, and this is a big ‘ole butt Becky, the difference is that those geniuses sat down, slaved away and worked at it. Because, I’ll be completely honest with you … this stuff is H. A. R. D. and I challenge any of the geniuses out there to say otherwise. The show you’re ooohing and aaahhing over today, is not the show its creators had scribbled on the back of a Buffalo Wild Wings napkin all those months or years ago, I can promise you that.

It grew.

It changed.

It was revamped and it was thrown away. Thank God you can pull stuff out of the delete folder, huh? HUH?!

Atheist Apocalypse

What I’d like to do in this three-part series is introduce you to the concept of idea expansion (done, son!), before walking you through how my own ideas, whether they be for Subject: Found, Diary of a Madman, Atheist Apocalypse, Family Portrait, or Who Killed Julie? evolve. In the last part of this series we’ll talk about how the evolution of ideas can and should change you as a writer, a creator, and a future audio dramatist!

Until that time, be good to others but, also and most importantly, be good to yourself. What you have percolating is going to be great; you just have to believe in you, and it.



Cheers Paul! *Raises a glass of Belgian pilsner*

If you can’t wait for the next episode of 101, and you haven’t yet seen the previous posts, then you can find them by clicking on the picture link below. If you are up to date then why not check out our guest writers prolific works via the following links.

Until next time, Cheers!


Paul Sating is the creator and writer of Subject: Found, creator of Diary of a Madman, creator and lead writer of Atheist Apocalypse, writer of Family Portrait, and the creator and writer of Who Killed Julie?. He is also editing his manuscript which will hopefully become his first published novel, called “The Scales.” You can sign up for his newsletter on his website to stay abreast of all the projects he has going on. Supporters of Paul Sating on Patreon get no less than two new stories each month.

Audio Drama 101