Audio Drama 101 Pt 4

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Audio Drama 101
Creative Inspiration

We all have different ways of working, it’s that uniqueness that makes the world so beautiful. That makes the arts so diverse.

I asked the team here at FateCrafters  if they could give me some insight into what inspires them to create, and I had this wonderful post from Steve Blizin, creator of the Drift and Ramble show.

I hope this helps you find your creativity.

The Drift and Ramble Podcast

The Drift and Ramble Podcast

“What inspires me to create?

Music was always my first love, though I would never classify myself as a musician, I love how music effects me, how a series of notes can resonate in my emotions and stir my soul. If I allow my imagination to play in concert with that, sometimes I surprise myself. Sometimes that manifests itself in creating a piece of music or an image, or remembering a moment from my past. And then I can choose to write about it, sing about it or shout about it. Podcasting became an outlet for my obsessive creationism because it allows me to do everything.

I first discovered how to tap into my “creative consciousness” while trying to write original music, and found that if I was just open to the experience of creating, inspiration would come to me and through me. Many of my favorite song writers have said songs just “come to them” as if they were gifted by some mysterious power. As weird as that sounds, you have to be open to the inspiration and then act on that spark.

For me, an example was singing song lyrics into my own answering machine while I was driving through Laurel Canyon, and by the time I got home, I had the melody and lyrics worked out in my head. Writing a story is the same thing. There is a kind of music happening in the words you choose.

The hardest part (I think) is the practice of taking time to write down (or record) what you are thinking – in the moment that you think it. Have you ever been somewhere and thought, “I wish I’d brought my camera!” You just saw something amazing and you want to capture it. That’s what I mean – writing/recording your thoughts when you have them is akin to always having “your camera” with you. I currently have 115 draft emails in my gmail account at this very moment. None of them will ever be sent. They are story drafts, research and ideas that I can get to from anywhere, so I can develop ideas when inspiration hits. Or at least get the bones of the idea down…

Dreams are also a very powerful source of inspiration for me. I had to learn to trust the process but I’ve just written an entire audio drama based on a dream. (Working title: Wasteland.) That’s not to say the whole story came to me in that one dream, but the spark of it did. Imagination and determination did the rest.

But if you’re reading this thinking inspiration hasn’t come, you can create it.  Here’s an example of creating inspiration from your own life: Embarrassment, regret or redemption… Career suicide. Have you ever experienced any of these? How did things turn out for you? Did you ever quit a job or get fired? Date a psycho? Were you the psycho someone else dated? Inspiration is the spark at which creation begins. Imagination is the fire that results from that spark. Imagine a story you have inside you. Now imagine yourself telling that story. Write it down!”

Thanks once again to Steve for that insight. If that hasn’t got your creative juices flowing to full tsunami yet then why not check out his work over on the Drift and Ramble Podcast, or the previous posts in this series, which can be found by clicking on the picture link below. I hope you enjoy.


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