Audio Drama 101

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Audio Drama 101



All of the podcasts we listen to, begin with an idea. Getting that idea to your ears, is a long journey, a journey that most of us will never attempt, that most of us will find daunting, but that’s only because we’ve never done it before. You listen to your favorite show, and they make it sound so easy, but that’s only because they do it on a regular basis.

It’s incredibly easy for us to dismiss those podcasts we don’t like with a wave of our hand, and not even give a thought to all the hard work these people have put into their ‘babies’. Yes that’s right, babies. These people put their hearts and souls into an idea. They spend months, if not years nurturing it, only to watch it fall at the first hurdle. I can only imagine how crushing that can be.

Podcasts are very labor intensive, or so I am led to believe. An average of 50 hours an episode, what with writing, recording, and producing. (Remind me why I’m doing this again?)


I’ve been following audio drama pod casting for about ten months now, and I have decided what better way to appreciate this art form, than to undertake this arduous task myself, to really discover what it takes to create a show, from beginning to end. From a flash of inspiration, though hair pulling, heart wrenching agony, to an audible delight for your ears. (Hopefully.)

Luckily, as a part of FateCrafters Studios, I have a large team of staff at my disposal to guide me through this maze. A team that are more than happy, not only to help me, but to help those of you out there, who would like to take the plunge into this wonderful world, with hints and tips for every stage along the process. If you are one of these enthusiastic people, then please feel free to ask questions, by leaving a comment on this, or any of the posts in this series, or by simply sending us an email via the contact link above.

I have a background in engineering, so for me, everything from the simple task of making a cup of tea, to the more arduous task of building a space rocket is all about a process. A sequence of steps that gets us from A to B, and so on, right through to Z and beyond. I also have a little experience, in music, having recorded a few demos in the studio, and had my fair share of fun recording, editing, and arranging wav files.

Of course, as with any form of art, it’s not just a process of putting an arm here, and a leg there … Just bolt this head on here, flick the big lever that connects the electrodes to the lightening rod on the roof, and wait for a storm. No, I will need to pour my heart and soul into the process, which inevitably means, my feelings are going to take a battering, but I’m a big boy now, so if you could hand me the tissues, and give me the occasional pat on the back, with a “there, there” for good measure, it would be much appreciated.


So I have this idea for a story, and as ideas go, this one is huge. No. bigger than that, colossal! It’s so big, that even I wondered if it was possible. So I asked a couple of my creative friends from FateCrafters, and to paraphrase they told me, “Wow! That’s Epic! It’s going to take a lot of hard work, and maybe a miracle or two, but it can be done.”

Clearly, as a complete novice, I had bitten off more than I could chew. So that idea has been shelved. No point trying to race Usain Bolt, when I haven’t even learned to crawl. I’m at the very beginning of my journey and I’ve taken my first stride, only to fall flat on my face. What we need here are baby steps. A small idea that can be easily accomplished.

My first thought, was maybe a podcast about my journey through learning how to create a podcast, but that to me would be just repeating what I’m doing here in this blog series. No, what we need is to find a different story, so that we have a completely independent product at the end of the journey. One that can be enjoyed, regardless of these posts.

So let’s begin at the beginning.

First things first, I need a flash of inspiration, an idea to springboard from into writing a script.

Check! I have a couple of ideas for story lines, that at first glance would be suited for a one off production, of six to eight episodes. Happy days! But before I write a script, I know I will need to learn how to write a script, and that the script will need to be proofed, and edited. Ripped to shreds, and sellotaped back together, in the manner of W. S. Burrows. (Hmmm??? … No, too complicated for a first attempt.)

Point here is, I’m getting ahead of myself, oh so very quickly. What I need to do here is calm down and ask for some advice from those in the business.



Okay, so I’m going to leave it here for now. I’m going to check in with my friends and start from the beginning. Ask them what advice they have to share with us newbies, and get back to you with another post in about a month.

Until then stay plugged into the matrix, and enjoy the wonderful entertainment that has been created especially for you.