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Wh1te n0izE brings you all the news, reviews, and interviews from the world of audio drama pod casting, both here at FateCrafters and from the wider drama world.
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A fictional comedy about what the world would be like if the Rapture were to actually happen.

Tales of John Wayneabe, Shadow of Lavenhan, etc.

Explore the world through the eyes of a madman.

The Drift & Ramble Podcast is a hybrid audio drama podcast focused on the histories and mysteries of the old west.

Subject: Found is a series anthology where each season follows a different monster from folklore.

The Narada Audio Drive-In is your triple-feature of thrills! Comedy short-subjects, chapters of a Western serial, and full episodes of the award-winning Pulp-Pourri Theatre in every installment!

Los Angeles is a city full of fancy dames and slick cons, where bookies know the vig, so you better, too. Some folks call it noir or pulp fiction. But for a private eye named Rex Rivetter, it’s home.

Save the Last Word for Me is an interview podcast that features voice actors — those wonderful people who bring audio dramas to life — talking about their work, their passions, and, sometimes, their private lives. A new interview every month.

A supernatural fantasy takes place in a fledgling town under siege, where the roads are terrorized by attacks from the darkness and the unknown in legendary Shadowmaw Pass. Heroes wanted!

Ever wonder what it would be like to lose your memory, wake up covered in blood, and discover you have a collection of superpowers?

The Tunnels is a serialized audiodrama about the mysterious tunnels that can be found underneath a small town in Georgia. What are they? What is their history? What are those mysterious sounds heard within them?

Find out what’s just below the surface of the town, because if you look underneath, there is so much more.

Video Game World News Tonight is a NSFW satirical parody newscast in a world where all video game characters exist in the same reality. listener discretion is advised. You’ve been warned.


Wh1te n0izE brings you the news, reviews, and interviews from the world of audio drama. Both here at FateCrafters, and from the wider audio world.


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